Sustainable tourism literature review

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The paper “Sustainable Tourism Development in Turkey“ considers the tourism industry as a rescue for the developing economy. Among the main obstacles the internal bureaucracy, lack of planning, dependence on external borrowings with continuing large external debt, environmental damage are named. … The paper "Critical Assessment of the Claim: Sustainable Tourism is Achievable" is a good example of a literature review on tourism. In recent years, tourism has The tourism industry, as part of the service sector, has become an important source of income for many regions and even for entire countries. The Manila Declaration on World Tourism of 1980 recognized its importance as "an activity essential to the life of nations because of its direct effects on the social, cultural, educational, and economic sectors of national societies, and on their ... sustainable tourism, it is important to know the key elements and paths of development for both concepts. The conceptual analysis following the literature review addresses the issue concerning whether fair trade tourism should be seen as a branch of the fair trade movement or as a form of sustainable tourism. The The literature shows that online consumer behavior data such as the search queries, can significantly improve the forecasting accuracy of the tourism and hotel demand models (Wu, Song and Shen 2017). 7 chapter 2: literature review about tourism, its importance, policy and planning, and its role in economic development and business development in countries around the world An international journal that publishes research on tourism and sustainable development including economic, social, cultural and political aspects. Access provided by The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining A.2.1. Review A.2.1.1. Literature review A significant number of papers and other publications (books, reports) in respect to a variety of issues, including tourism management, environmental, economic and social impacts of tourism in the case of various tourist destinations, carrying capacity issues, A new visitor centre that was opened last Sunday in Librazhd will support the development of sustainable tourism in the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park. It will promote the protected area’s unique biodiversity and forest ecosystem wealth of the area as well as offer the space for promotion and education on its natural heritage and values. Firstly, a theoretical framework that connects sustainable tourism with the sustainable development of coastal areas is defined. Assumptions made on the basis of the literature review provide parameters that play an important role in the architectural concepts. AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF REEF-BASED SCUBA DIVE TOURISM: A CASE STUDY OF KOH TAO, THAILAND Panwad Wongthong Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy RELATED CONCEPTS, THEORY, LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter introduces the related concepts and theories that relevant to destination management and sustainable tourism development, together with general information of Tambon Sakoo and general information of local administration organization including local Synonyms for sustainable in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for sustainable. 81 synonyms for sustain: maintain, continue, keep up, prolong, keep going, keep alive, protract ... May 08, 2012 · From the literature review and study cases mentioned above, there are three main findings can be generated in this paper. Firstly, the cultural, race and gender issues were becoming the main concern in organization were. From those main issues, culture most frequently became the main concern of the organizations. By relying upon a review of the relevant literature which addresses the notion of sustainability (or of sustainable development), the present chapter aims to explore this notion by identifying its key dimensions and the intertwining relationships between them. In so doing, the challenges and opportunities Funding sustainable paddle trail development: paddler perspectives, willingness to pay and management implications. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 20(2), 235-256, DOI: 10.1080/09669582.2011.603425. Duffy, L. N. (2009) Study abroad students' understanding and knowledge of sustainable tourism practices. Chapter 02 Literature Review 2.1 Introduction A literature survey is carried out to find out and review literature related to the field of study. The purpose of this chapter is to review available literature related to the research topic. Literature review is divided into three major units including introduction, related research and summary. The prevailing view in the literature (see Cooper, 1998, Lindberg et al., 1997) is that although tourism carrying capacity is a useful concept to help us understand sustainable tourism theoretically, its practical application as a management tool is very limited (Hunter, 2003). 4 Measuring Sustainability The paper "Effective Management for Sustainable Tourism " is a great example of a literature review on tourism. Sustainable tourism is believed to be a value Sustainable tourism is only achievable through the development of alternative and new forms of tourism. Critically discuss this statement with reference to one or more examples of alternative tourism in developed or developing countries. The development of Sustainable Tourism has allowed society to ... This paper uses the systematic review method and the literature co-citation network analysis to classify the theme of sustainable tourism policy research into six categories, including: Sustainable tourism policy stakeholders, sustainable tourism policy implementation, sustainable tourism and climate policy, sustainable tourism indicators and ... This perspective has been endorsed by several “responsible” tourism businesses and academics. Following a literature review, this paper reports the findings of an empirical study that examined the practices of 80 micro-business owners and the factors that shape their behaviour in two South African townships. In recent decades, sustainable tourism has been one of the most significant subjects among academics and practitioners. In this paper, a classification scheme and a comprehensive literature review are presented in order to clarify, categorise, and interpret the current research on sustainable tourism definitions and applications. A systematic review of systematic reviews in tourism. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management. 39: 158.165 — This recent paper provides an overview review of other literature reviews. It highlights the types of methods used in reviews in tourism including recommendations for future reviews. Bezerra, M.F., Lacerda, L.D. and Lai, C-T. (2019). Oct 10, 2016 · Trend of research on sustainable tourism and climate change in 21st century Trend of research on sustainable tourism and climate change in 21st century Farid, Hadi; Hakimian, Fatemeh; Nair, Vikneswaran; Nair, Pradeep Kumar; Ismail, Nazari 2016-10-10 00:00:00 PurposeClimate change is one of the greatest challenges for policymakers at both the international and national levels in the twenty ... This is a post I wrote for work about other companies with similar names. I somehow managed to talk about beer AND include my own artwork. ^.^ _____ With its prehistoric appearance, extraordinarily flying abilities, and intriguing name, the dragonfly has forever been a popular symbol in art and culture that has represented everything from courage, happiness, and summ Tourism management is a broad field with many opportunities. In this lesson, you'll learn more about the basics of tourism management and gain some insight into a career in the industry. The paper "Effective Management for Sustainable Tourism " is a great example of a literature review on tourism. Sustainable tourism is believed to be a value Jan 01, 2008 · Based on a review of the literature we first suggest that sustainable livelihoods for tourism should be viewed in a broader tourism context, rather than merely taking tourism as a development tool. Second, the SLA seeks household livelihood sustainability at the individual or household level, while tourism sustainability is often applied to the ... It is of great significance to plan and develop tourism purposefully and sustainably though the search for compromis... Sustainable tourism development and competitiveness: The systematic literature review - Streimikiene - - Sustainable Development - Wiley Online Library sector. WTO has concluded that sustainable tourism guidelines and management practices are applicable to all forms of tourism in all types of destinations. Sustainable tourism, according to WTO, is based on sustainability principles, which refer to the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of development. Underpinning the research is the collection and review of the literature on coastal resource management, surfing in Thailand, and the scholarly works pertaining to surf tourism. From a social science standpoint, personal interviews with Thai and foreign resident surfers, tourists, and members of local communities were carried out.